Learn the 7-Step System to Write a Book Fast

This course will guide you to write your book in 90 days, even if you have little or no time to write, you’re not a skilled writer, and your book idea is half-baked.

This hands-on course is for…



Content Creators

What new authors are saying…

The template for outlining the book is worth the price of the course.

“This course provides a clear process to get that book written. Just follow the steps and you’re good. I definitely recommend it!

“Diego knows exactly what he’s doing. In just one coaching call he gave me 5 valuable tips on reframing how I was approaching the writing of my book. The advice was practical, immediately led to renewed motivation, and probably saved me a lot of time working on the wrong things. If you’re stuck on your book project, talk to Diego.” 

Katryn Van Oudheusden

Servant Leadership Coach & Author, Selfless Leadership: A Complete Guide to Awakening the Servant Leader Within

Diego walks you through the different steps on how to take your idea and formulate into a book.

“I am a first time author who wanted to write a book but had no idea how to compile the story I was wanting to tell.  So I signed up for this course.  I am so glad I did.   

The templates were very simple and easy to follow. If you are stuck or need help how to get your book writing off the ground I would recommend signing up for this course. It was a game changer for me.

Todd Moore

Sales Professional | Real Estate Investor

This course gave me a clear 7-step path to writing my book.

“It’s always been my dream to write a book, but really didn’t know where to start or thought it would take forever. The truth is, I didn’t have the right tools or roadmap until I found Diego’s coaching course.

It’s crazy to think in just 90 days, I have a full draft of my business book. The best part is there’s no fluff or long modules, only the parts I need plus templates to go do the writing work.

Not only is Diego an accomplished author and writer, but his course felt like he was there alongside me, coaching me on the exact steps I needed along the way. I know a book is a missing key to my business, and this course will help me write not one, but many more for years to come.”

Michelle Griffin

Founder, BRANDthority

Write a coaching or business

book to…


Gain Authority

A book will give you more visibility and credibility in your industry.

Obtain Clients

A book will attract more clients as they see you as an expert in your field.

Get Speaking Gigs

A book opens up doors for speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and media appearances.

Leave a Legacy

A book will outlive you and make a positive impact on the world.

How it works

Learn the 7-step system

Work through the on-demand lessons and complete the worksheets and assignments.

Complete your Book

Follow the plan to complete the first draft of your book within 90 days and prepare it for editing and publication.

The 7-Step System to Write a Book Fast

Step 1

Start from the back

Refine your book idea – what to write about

Define who your target reader is

Create your value proposition

List the main benefits of the book

Develop a unique angle for your book

Learn how to write the back cover (or front flap) copy


Step 2

Outline your book

Create the Table of Contents

Define the structure of the book

Select chapter topics

Write chapter summaries


Step 3

Gather your sources

Learn how to turn your blog into a book

How to incorporate and organize existing content (audio, video, etc.)

Discover how to evaluate online sources and do research for your book

Tips for interviewing and gathering stories

Step 4

Structure your Chapters

Learn the three-step formula to structure your chapters

Outline each chapter in an easy-to-use template

Learn how to write hooks to capture the attention of your readers

Step 5

Prepare to Write

Learn how to plan how much you need to write per day to finish your book in 90 days

Set up daily writing schedules and install tools

Prepare your writing cave and eliminating distractions

Organize your research files


Step 6

Apply the Button Method

How to write the first draft

Tips for writing well and fast

Motivation strategies

Techniques for dealing with writer’s block

Step 7

Review your Manuscript

Learn what to look for when self-editing your draft

Preparing your manuscript for an editor

Publishing options

Publishing and marketing resources

Bonus Lessons: Publishing & Marketing

The 4×3 Self-Publishing Method: How to self-publish a book that actually makes money

The Book Ecosystem Marketing Method + Worksheet

Book Launch Plan + Worksheet


About Diego Pineda

Let me tell you about the guy teaching the course (me).

WRITER: Author of five novels, and 10 non-fiction books.

PUBLISHER: 1,000s of books sold.

BUSINESS CONSULTANT: 10 years of experience.

SOLOPRENEUR: I’ve founded, grown, and sold two businesses.

This course unites my passions for writing, publishing, and business.

I want to show you how to write your first book so you can become a thought leader in your space and grow your business.

Diego Pineda

Author & Book Coach

“Diego is a strategic doer, not just a thinker, and is a great asset to any business owner who wants to make more money in less time, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought them into business in the first place. He’s got the tools to transform your business and your relationship to that business.”

Chuck Blakeman

Founder, Chief Transformation Officer, Crankset Group

“Diego’s business advisory is direct, meaningful and creative + simple when it comes to putting it into practice.

I recommend Diego to business owners that want to pursue their vision and want to get there as soon as possible.”

Christian Mejia

Film Director & Producer, Retrogusto Films

“Diego brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His varied work experience coupled with his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit make him a strong force in any professional field.”
Samarth Chandola

Founder, First Fund

The Famous FAQs

Why 90 days and not 60 or 30 days?
Writing a book can take as long or as short as you want. I once wrote and published a book in two weeks.

There are courses out there that challenge you to write a book in 30 days, but for most people, it’s not practical.

I’m assuming your schedule is pretty busy and you can’t block 6 hours a day for writing, right?

So, 90 days will allow you to complete the program with a commitment of about an hour per day (weekends off) and finish with a full manuscript of around 40,000 to 50,000 words.

Now, if you are an overachiever, you can do it faster. I’ll cheer you on!

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have something to say that can help others with their businesses. A business leader with wisdom and experience ready to pass on great business lessons; an entrepreneur or solopreneur with a fascinating story or an innovative business strategy; a coach or consultant with insights to help others grow their business of career. Anyone who wants to write a non-fiction book.

Chances are that you have already created content around your expertise (blog posts, podcasts, videos) and now want to share your knowledge in a published book.

What if I want to write a book but don't have a clear idea yet?
You can still take the course! During step one we will work together on refining your idea and topic for the book.
What is a business book?

Business and Money is one of the most popular nonfiction book categories, selling millions of copies every year. You can write different types of business books, including:

Company profile or biography: Your story, how you started your company , where it is now and what you learned. Example: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

Instructional: How to do something in business, how to launch a product, start a company, innovate, hire people, etc.  Example: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Research Findings: Usually written by professors who detail their research or work with companies, surveys, or industry trends. Example: Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Would you ghostwrite my book?

This on-demand course provides the tools and the blueprint for you to write your own book. If you are looking for ghostwriting services, please click here.

What about editing and publishing?

The current course focuses on writing your manuscript and self-editing plus some great bonus lessons and worksheets on publishing and marketing. If you want to hire an editor for your book, please click here.

Why should I take this course?
  • You’ll get a detailed plan to refine your idea and finish your book
  • You get access to practical worksheets to build your book
  • The course will challenge you to finally start writing your bool
  • You’ll get unstuck and defeat the fear of writing and writer’s block
  • You’ll finish your book in 90 days
  • You’ll become a published author, gain authority and recognition in your industry