Ghostwriting & Editing Services

To write or to hire a ghostwriter?

That is the question many aspiring authors ask.

PROS of Hiring a Ghostwriter:

  • You don’t have to commit time and energy to writing
  • You don’t have to learn the process of writing a book
  • You make sure the book will be finished on time
  • A professional writer will make you look good

CONS of Hiring a Ghostwriter:

  • Good ghostwriters are expensive ($15k to $100k+)
  • Great business ghostwriters are not easy to find and manage
  • You take a big risk (you may not like the book and there is no money back guarantee)

If you don’t feel writing is your forté and you can afford a ghostwriter with a good track record, let’s chat.

To self-edit or to hire an editor?

Self-edit first, but ALWAYS work with an editor.

A professional editor will go through 4 levels of editing:


1. Developmental editing: high-level editing to assess if the book’s structure and flow work well.

2. Content editing: medium-level editing looking at consistency of voice and style, clarity, and readability.

3. Copy editing: low-level editing to fix any problems with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

4. Proofreading: granular level editing to correct anything that was missed in previous passes.

If you have finished writing the first draft of your book (or even a few chapters), and want to work with a professional editor, let’s chat.