My journey in chapters.

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Chapter 1: 2004 – 2010

Medical Writing

Right off grad school I went to work at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston as a Science Writer and Editor in the Department of Pediatrics.
From 2004 to mid-2009 I worked full-time on campus, and then remotely as a part-time contractor until 2014.

Digital Marketing. Revamped and optimized a nationally recognized website ( and increased traffic to more than 50,000 visitors per month.
Content Writing. Wrote and edited more than a hundred articles for online and print publications in both English and Spanish. A partial archive of the site is available here.
Print publications. Co-authored the popular book “Do Vaccines Caused That?! A Guide for Evaluating Vaccine Safety Concerns” and the booklet “Are Vaccines Safe?
Public Speaking. Spoke at national conferences on risk communication and vaccine safety issues.
Project Management. Set up production workflows, distribution and marketing channels for the publishing side of Immunizations for Public Health, an adjunct nonprofit organization.
Web design and development. Led a team of developers and designed the website of the Department of Pediatrics at UTMB.

Do Vaccines Cause That Book Cover

Chapter 3: 2011 to 2014

Marketing & Business Consultant

By the end of 2010 I was working only part-time and remotely with UTMB and had sold my medical writing training business, so I decided to start a new company, Light Edge Productions.

The services I offered included Video Production, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing as well as Business and Marketing Strategy.

During this time I trained with the Crankset Group in Denver to become a business consultant and went to Vancouver Film School to obtain a diploma in Entertainment Business Management.

Chapter 2: 2006 – 2010

Internet Marketing

In 2006, I started studying Internet Marketing (it wasn’t known as digital marketing yet) and realized there was an opportunity to create a product for the medical writing niche. 
It turned out to be a very profitable side hustle and a wonderful learning experience.

Content Writing

Wrote an ebook called Becoming a Medical Writer: How to Launch a Successful Career Writing About Medicine and Health and a to promote it.


Created a landing page and a sales letter for the ebook, which sold hundreds of copies for $29.00.

In 2009 I moved to Canada and in 2010 I sold the business, to a medical training company in California.

It was generating $32K in passive income.

Becoming a Medical Writer

Email Marketing

Created a successful email drip for people who downloaded the free sample chapter of the ebook. The list grew to more than 2,500 qualified subscribers who became loyal customers.

Product Development

In 2007, I scaled the offerings by creating online courses that went deeper in the topics of the ebook. Implemented a successful upselling strategy.

Digital Marketing

I promoted the courses and the ebook through my own blog, guest blogging, building community with Ning (this was before Facebook pages became popular) and participation in forums.

Chapter 4: 2015 – 2018

Leadership & Education

In late 2014, I moved with my family to Colombia and worked in the nonprofit/religious sector until 2018. I also founded the Vision and Leadership Institute to teach business owners how to make more money in less time and with a purpose. Led a team of about a dozen facilitators.   

Content Creation

Produced blogs, videos and books.

Public Speaking

Led seminars, workshops and did keynotes on business, leadership, personal finance and self development.

Co-founder of Rhema e-School

In 2019, my wife an I founded Rhema e-School, an online alternative education program focused on technology, entrepreneurship, the arts and mindfulness. We develop the abilities of each student while they enjoy learning about themselves and the world.

At the launch of this startup, I was in charge of overseeing all the marketing activities and our go to market strategy.

  • Website creation
  • Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Facebook Ads and A/B testing
  • Demand generation campaigns
  • Content creation: blogs, videos, info graphics, landing pages.
  • Product Marketing
  • Email marketing
Rhema e-School

Chapter 5: 2019 – Present

B2B Marketing



In 2019 I took a part-time role at CloudTask as Senior Content Creator.

CloudTask is a managed workforce provider for companies looking to increase their sales, customer retention and revenue, through trained and managed teams of outsourced sales, customer support and customer success experts.

I worked in the Marketing Department, regularly creating unique blog content, videos, landing pages and infographics. Authored dozens of articles on marketing, sales, outsourcing, customer support and more.

After 14 months, I accepted a full time position at Vengreso as Senior Content Writer.



I was promoted twice in my tenure at Vengreso. From Senior Content Writer to Content Marketing Manager and later to Director.

As the Director of Digital and Content Marketing, I led the Digital Marketing and Content Marketing departments (including graphic and video design), providing SEO and content strategy, and helping in its implementation. I also wrote long-form content for

HIGHLIGHT: Conducted a full SEO strategy, starting with a content audit of more than 4.5k blog articles. After a massive clean-up and restructuring, I developed (along with the CEO) a strategy around 12 pillar topics and executed the strategy with my team. 

As a result, we:

+ Increased website traffic 5x in 7 months
+ Positioned top 50 keywords on page #1 of Google

Other accomplishments included:

+ Developed email campaigns with CTR of 30%
+ Increased SQLs by 250% 

In August 2021, I became the Content Marketing Manager for, a sales intelligence and engagement platform.

HIGHLIGHT: Launched Apollo’s blog, with two types of content: product features and SEO articles to rank for our desired keywords. Wrote/edited more than 30 articles and worked with an agency in the redesign of the website. 

Other accomplishments:

+ Created and executed SEO and Content strategies to increase traffic and conversions.
+ Developed and oversaw the Social Media Strategy.  Increased LinkedIn followers from 6k to 14k+.
+ Lead the content team, including a content writer and a social media manager.


In April 2022, I moved to as the Community and Content Marketing Manager.

In the first 90 days at Dooly, this is what I accomplished:

+ Designed and launched two lead generation campaigns with online quizzes (scorecards), bringing in more than 500 leads.
+ Hosted two episodes of The Revenue Playbook podcast.
+ Wrote/Edited and optimized dozens of blog articles, including a library of Sales Templates.
+ Launched a Thought Leadership motion, creating original content with the CEO and the VP of Revenue.

My ongoing tasks include:

+ Plan and execute Thought Leadership strategies and content with internal and external SMEs.
+ Manage and build partnerships with sales organizations and influencers (Pavilion, JB Sales, Sales Assembly, Kevin Dorsey, 30 Minutes to President’s Club)
+ Wireframe and write landing page copy.
+ Assign articles to freelancers and edit and publish final pieces.
+ Create video assets for social media.
+ Support the team with the promotion and planning of events, email campaigns, and website updates.

Chapter 6

Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing

I’ve been writing novels in two languages since High School. Some published under the pen name Nick Daniels.

Solo Thought Leader Book Cover
The Gentlemen's Conspiracy
El Arte de Cumplir tus Sueños
The 9 Lives of Alfred Merchen
9 Vidas de Alfred Merchen