The worst mistake an author can make is to sell only books.

You need a book ecosystem — a series of products around your book that will give way more value to the reader and will be way more profitable for you, the author.

The book ecosystem

The Book Ecosystem coaching program is the perfect business accelerator for authorpreneurs serious about making an impact and growing their businesses.

How does the Book Ecosystem work?

Build a Framework

A great nonfiction book has a clear journey that will take the reader from pain to prize, from a current state to a desired state.

A framework usually looks like a series of steps that the reader must take in order to accomplish something.

write a book

Once you have the outline of your framework, you must create a book that details the brilliant framework you created.

And it must be an awesome book. A mediocre book won’t hold an ecosystem together. Match the title of the book to the framework.

create lead generation assets

Create free content, repurposed from your book, and post it on social media and your own blog or podcast.

This content can be free chapters of your book, scorecards or tests, and video series.

Low-cost assets

Here’s where you can invite people to buy your book, or other low risk products, like digital courses and templates related to your framework.

They should be priced low enough that people can buy them without a lot of sales effort on my part.

the main offering

This is a high-value, high-ticket product that you offer to a limited number of people.

Here you offer personalized coaching or live training where you walk your clients through the implementation of your framework in their lives or business.


Also known as products for clients, these are things you sell to people who have already gone through your main offering.

These can be additional services or upgrades, a membership for continuous access, a private community or mastermind and more.

The Book Ecosystem coaching program is limited to a few spots per quarter, you must apply for a spot. Book a call to see if you qualify for this program.