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About Diego Pineda

Storyteller. Book Coach.

Imagine being thrown into a jungle, having to fight a tiger 🐅, cross a piranha-infested river 🐟 , and staying awake all night fearing death might come in a nasty way. That’s what I was doing as a 9-year-old kid… not living it, of course, but imagining and writing it down in my first short story: “Jack in the Amazon Jungle”.
Soon after I discovered Jules Verne and traveled to the center of the earth and submerged 20,000 leagues under the sea. I devoured books at an incredible rate and wrote my first novel before graduating from high school.
Convinced that the best way to keep telling stories while making a decent living was to become a journalist, I got a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in journalism.
Fast forward 17 years and I published two novels, 9 non-fiction books, and hundreds of articles and blogs as a science writer, a business writer, and a sales and marketing writer.
My passion now: helping solopreneurs become thought leaders in their niches.